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Release History

Version Date Description
1.15.5-SNAPSHOT tbd tbd
1.15.4 2024-02-27 Fixed reported bugs and added feature requests from users
1.15.3 2023-01-26 Added HTML and CSS formatter along with nbm signing
1.15.2 2022-10-02 Bug-fix release
1.15.1 2022-05-20 Bug-fix release
1.15.0 2022-05-18 Additional formatters
1.14.5 2022-02-24 Bug fix release
1.14.4 2022-02-07 Bug fix release
1.14.3 2022-01-22 Bug fix release
1.14.2 2021-12-28 Bug fix release
1.14.1 2020-08-26 Support for SQL formatter and some improvements
1.14.0 2020-08-25 Support for formatters for programming languages other than Java
1.13.0 2020-01-09 First release from funfried aka bahlef aka fbahle 2017-03-29 2016-12-13  
1.12.0 2016-09-12  
1.11.0 2016-05-14 2016-05-07  
1.10.2 2016-02-29 2015-12-30 2015-03-04 Bug fix release 2014-10-31 Bug fix release 2014-10-11  
1.7.1 2014-06-10 Bug fix release
1.7.0 2014-04-01  
1.6.1 2013-11-20 Bug fix release
1.6 2013-11-11  
1.5 2013-10-20  
1.4.1 2013-10-07 Bug fix release
1.4 2013-10-03 First documented release

Release 1.15.5-SNAPSHOT – tbd

No changes in this release.

Release 1.15.4 – 2024-02-27

Type Changes By
Fix Removed transitive dependency to GraalVM. Fixes 242. bahlef
Add Support workspace mechanic source directories. Fixes 240. bahlef
Fix Fixed NullPointerException: Cannot invoke "java.util.Collection.toArray()" because "c" is null. Fixes 245. bahlef

Release 1.15.3 – 2023-01-26

Type Changes By
Add Signing of nbm file as requested by the NetBeans team to get the plugin center verification bahlef
Add Add JSoup HTML formatter. Fixes 107. bahlef
Add Add CSSParser CSS formatter. Fixes 106. bahlef

Release 1.15.2 – 2022-10-02

Type Changes By
Add Added possibility to organize imports with Google and Palantir formatter. Fixes 215. bahlef
Fix Fixed issue with overriding tab sizes when formatter is using spaces for indentation and not tabs. Fixes 211. bahlef
Fix Fixed warning about org.eclipse.osgi.launch.EquinoxFactory ClassNotFoundException which appeared due to Eclipse Equinox OSGi classes which were inside the jsdt-core. Fixes 219. bahlef

Release 1.15.1 – 2022-05-20

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed NoClassDefFoundException when using palantir-java-format (added missing functionaljava dependency which should be already there as it is a transitive dependency of palantir-java-format, but it seem it is not detected and therefore not automatically added to the nbm file). Fixes 208. bahlef

Release 1.15.0 – 2022-05-18

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed option validation issue when using workspace mechanic configuration file. Fixes 202. bahlef
Add Added Palantir formatter bahlef
Add Added Vertical Blank SQL Formatter bahlef
Add Added DBeaver SQL Formatter (via Spotless) bahlef

Release 1.14.5 – 2022-02-24

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed editor issues when using XML formatter bahlef
Fix Fixed editor behavior when using JSoup XML formatter bahlef
Fix Fixed usage of JSON formatters bahlef

Release 1.14.4 – 2022-02-07

Type Changes By
Fix Erroneous formatting with Eclipse when "Override Tab Size" is active. Fixes 191. bahlef
Fix Fixed issue in Google formatter when there were blank lines at the end of the Java file. Fixes 190. bahlef

Release 1.14.3 – 2022-01-22

Type Changes By
Fix Erroneous formatting with Eclipse. Fixes 152. bahlef
Add Added Java > 11 runtime check. Fixes 178. bahlef
Fix Google formatter uses now spaces instead of tabs in the NetBeans editor bahlef

Release 1.14.2 – 2021-12-28

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed NoSuchMethodError when formatting javadoc. Fixes 164. bahlef
Update Updated all formatters and third-party dependency to latest versions bahlef

Release 1.14.1 – 2020-08-26

Type Changes By
Add Added support for loading remote configurations for Eclipse formatters. Fixes 155. bahlef
Update Updated to latest Eclipse formatter version to fix formatting issues. Fixes 153. bahlef
Add Added manticore JSQLFormatter. Fixes 146. manticore-projects
Update Updated to latest Google formatter version to fix formatting issues. Fixes 137. bahlef

Release 1.14.0 – 2020-08-25

Type Changes By
Add Added Spring Java Formatter. Fixes 101. bahlef
Add Added Eclipse Javascript Formatter. Fixes 36. bahlef
Add Added and Jsoup XML Formatter. Fixes 104. bahlef
Add Added Jackson Json formatter. Fixes 105. bahlef
Fix Removed unneccessary nb-javac-impl dependency which caused ClassNotFoundException. Fixes 111. bahlef
Update Renamed the project from "External Java Code Formatters for NetBeans" to "External Code Formatters for NetBeans" because of adding Eclipse Javascript Formatter bahlef
Add Support for relative configuration file paths for Eclipse formatters. Fixes 116. bahlef

Release 1.13.0 – 2020-01-09

Type Changes By
Add Added Google Formatter bahlef
Update Renamed the project from "Eclipse Java Code Formatter for NetBeans" to "External Java Code Formatters for NetBeans" because of adding Google Code Formatter bahlef
Add Support for guarded documents (documents that are created by the NetBeans GUI builder, guarded blocks are skipped of course, but everything in between can be formatted), ONLY SUPPORTED FOR ECLIPSE JAVA CODE FORMATTER!. Fixes 17. bahlef
Update Switched from ANT to Maven project. Fixes 81. bahlef
Add Added editor context menu action bahlef
Add Added support for project specific formatter settings for Gradle projects (and also other Java project types). Fixes 95. bahlef
Add Unit test added to check @formatter:on/off feature of Eclipse formatter. Fixes 94. bahlef
Add The vertical red line in the editor is now placed according to the line wrap of the configuration of your external formatter. It is also possible to set a flag to use other UI related properties of the external formatter configuration for indentation in the NetBeans editor and if you do you can also override the tab size with your prefered setting. Fixes 82. bahlef
Update Got rid of additional XML libraries and using NetBeans internal classes (XMLUtil) now instead. Fixes 32. bahlef

Release – 2017-03-29

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError after another version of the plugin has been uninstalled. Fixes 93. markiewb

Release – 2016-12-13

Type Changes By
Add Provide support for Eclipse Neon 4.6 1a. Fixes 84. markiewb
Fix Fixed: Keyboard shortcut does not format non java files. Fixes 88. markiewb
Add Backport "Allow action to be invoked via macro". Fixes 89. markiewb
Fix Backport "Minor UI issues in options dialog". Fixes 87. markiewb
Fix Backport "Cannot be converted to URI/File: URI is not hierarchical.". Fixes 88. markiewb

Release 1.12.0 – 2016-09-12

Type Changes By
Add Allow action to be invoked via macro. Fixes 86. markiewb

Release 1.11.0 – 2016-05-14

Type Changes By
Add Support formatting using Eclipse 4.5.2 Mars.2. Fixes 78. markiewb
Fix Fixed: Minor UI issues in options dialog. Fixes 74. markiewb
Fix Fixed: Prevent "URI is not hierarchical" exception. Fixes 80. markiewb
Fix Fixed: Exception, when using third-party Java code formatter in configuation file. Fixes 77. markiewb

Release – 2016-05-07

Type Changes By
Add Support formatting using Eclipse 4.4 - Fork of the 1.10.2 Version with Eclipse Luna jars. Fixes 72. markiewb
Fix Fixed: Cannot use version 4.4 parallel to 4.5. Fixes 79. markiewb

Release 1.10.2 – 2016-02-29

Type Changes By
Add Support Workspace Mechanic ( configuration file (*.epf). Fixes 61. markiewb
Add Support configuration via <projectdir>/.settings/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs or absolute path to org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs. Fixes 67. markiewb
Add Reduce download size by 77% by repacking jars with pack200. Fixes 68. markiewb
Add On save action: Introduced option for formatting only the changed lines. Fixes 70. markiewb
Add Support configuration of linefeed. Fixes 71. markiewb
Add Support configuration of source level. Fixes 23. markiewb
Add Fallback to NB formatter, if file isn't a java file. Fixes 37. markiewb
Fix Selection in undocked windows is not respected, when called via keyboard. Fixes 73. markiewb

Release – 2015-12-30

Type Changes By
Update to Eclipse formatter jars from Eclipse 4.5.1 (Mars.1). Fixes 63. markiewb
Add Code templates for @formatter:on/off ( Fixes 65. markiewb
Update requirements to NetBeans 8.0+. Fixes 66. markiewb

Release – 2015-03-04

Type Changes By
Add Fixed: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bad position and run parts in EDT. Fixes 57. markiewb
Fix Fixed: option panel isn't found by searching for "eclipse". Fixes 4. markiewb

Release – 2014-10-31

Type Changes By
Add Fixed: Format on Save - Changed files remain modified after saving them in Java Editor. Fixes 56. markiewb
Fix Fixed: "URI is not hierarchical" error message on calling format - add logging for this error. Fixes 55. markiewb

Release – 2014-10-11

Type Changes By
Add Preserve Class/Method/Field breakpoints (experimental, can be disabled in options). Fixes 47. markiewb
Fix Fixed: Do not remove linebreakpoint, if line is not included in selection. Fixes 53. markiewb
Add Fixed: Cannot assign shortcut for "Format with Eclipse Formatter" action. Fixes 52. markiewb
Update Update to use eclipse formatter libs from eclipse 4.4. Fixes 46. markiewb
Update Support only NetBeans 7.4 and above. Fixes 48. markiewb
Update Add donation button. Fixes 49. markiewb
Update Add link to github/homepage. Fixes 50. markiewb

Release 1.7.1 – 2014-06-10

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed: NPE when configuration file not found. Fixes 40. markiewb

Release 1.7.0 – 2014-04-01

Type Changes By
Add Format selected part of document. Fixes 38. Thanks to Saad Mufti ( markiewb

Release 1.6.1 – 2013-11-20

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed: NPE while saving options when no profile is set. Fixes 34. markiewb

Release 1.6 – 2013-11-11

Type Changes By
Update Update to Eclipse formatter jars from Eclipse Kepler 4.3. Fixes 30. markiewb
Add First profile in file is always used - support selection of profile. Fixes 31. markiewb
Add Project specific options: Show link to global options. Fixes 21. markiewb

Release 1.5 – 2013-10-20

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed: Formatting with eclipse formatter introduces empty document in undo manager. Fixes 18. markiewb
Add Provide a signed package for the PPUC. Fixes 27. markiewb

Release 1.4.1 – 2013-10-07

Type Changes By
Fix Fixed: Configured formatter.xml isn't used. Fixes 25. markiewb

Release 1.4 – 2013-10-03

Type Changes By
Update Compile against NB 7.3. Fixes 22. markiewb
Fix Choose a license, which is compatible to the embedded libs. Fixes 16. markiewb
Update Compatibility to JDK6. Fixes 14. markiewb
Add Add action "Format with Eclipse Formatter". Fixes 13. markiewb
Fix After saving the caret is always placed at the end of the file. Fixes 11. markiewb
Fix Preview panel in options isn't aware to dark themes LAF. Fixes 10. markiewb
Update Simplify org.netbeans.eclipse.formatter.ReformatWithEclipseBeforeSaveTask.isJava(). Fixes 9. markiewb
Update Make formatting "on save" optional. Fixes 8. markiewb
Update Use standard border for options/project settings. Fixes 5. markiewb
Fix Missing XML syntax highlighting in options/project settings. Fixes 3. markiewb
Fix Missing mnemonics in options dialog/project settings. Fixes 2. markiewb
Fix NPE when Format action is invoked but no java document has the focus. Fixes 1. markiewb