Known issues

  • Updating the breakpoints after formatting acts not exactly the same way as for the internal NetBeans formatter, but it's pretty close.
  • Guarded blocks are not supported for the Google Java Code Formatter. There seems to be a bug in the Google Java Code Formatter which prevents this feature to work. Further details on this bug can be watched here:
  • It's not possible to sort the imports with the Eclipse Formatter as it needs some OSGi/Eclipse Equinox Runtime related classes to initialize the related objects. But you can configure NetBeans to do the sorting exactly as Eclipse does by default. Just go to Preferences -> Editor -> Formatting -> Choose Java as the Language and Imports as the Category and configure the following Import Layout:
    1. java
    2. javax
    3. org
    4. com
    5. <all other imports>
    and make a check Separate Groups